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The Idrokinesis Centre is a brand new thermal rehabilitation facility designed and developed by GB Thermae Hotels in Abano with the very latest equipment and is the ideal place to stay if you want to follow specific rehabilitation programmes, under medical supervision, for numerous arthro-rheumatic, post-traumatic and post-operative ailments.

Idrokinesis Center

When the setting improves the treatment

When the setting improves the treatment

During rehabilitation, healthy diet, fun surroundings, and well-managed free time can bring better results in less time. We recommend Residence & Idrokinesis for your stay.

A holiday to cure your back pain

A holiday to cure your back pain

A spa resort is by definition the ideal place to focus on the problem of chronic back pain and to try to solve it safely and once and for all


What Happened

I have just had an accident...
I’ve just had an operation!
I have been experiencing pain in my…
I have been prescribed the following…
I have a neurological problem...

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